😎Overview of Key Features


  • Track your website's performance in Google Search Console easily with our new feature showing percentage changes for quick insights.

  • View Google Search Console at Full Width: No more scrolling to the right to see the full width of Google Search Console.

  • Free XML Sitemap URL Extractor: Easily extract and download the URLs from your XML sitemap. This tool helps you quickly extract all URLs listed in an XML sitemap, even if it's split into multiple sitemaps. Online Version: https://sitemap-extractor.gsctool.com/

  • Support Managing Multiple Google Service Accounts: Seamlessly navigate and manage multiple Google service accounts for enhanced control over your website's performance.

  • Bulk Indexing URLs to Google: Quickly index multiple URLs on Google for improved visibility and search engine ranking.

  • Bulk URL Index to Bing, Yandex with IndexNow: Extend your reach by effortlessly indexing URLs on Bing, Yandex, and more using the innovative IndexNow feature.

  • Bulk Inspection of URLs in Google Search Console: Conduct bulk inspections on URLs within Google Search Console to identify and resolve issues efficiently.

  • Bulk URL Removal for Google Search Console: Easily remove multiple URLs from Google Search Console to maintain a clean and optimized website.

  • Bulk URL Removal for Bing Webmaster Tool: Streamline the removal process by eliminating multiple URLs from Bing Webmaster Tool with just a few clicks.

  • Import and Export CSV: Conveniently import and export CSV files to manage your URLs and data effectively.

  • Manage your URLs: Take full control of your URLs by organizing, inspecting, and optimizing them within a centralized platform.

  • Settings for Bulk URL Removal: Customize and adjust settings for bulk URL removal to suit your specific requirements and preferences.

  • Save Main Menu State in Google Search Console: Save the state of the main menu in Google Search Console so that it doesn't open every time you refresh the page.

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