📈Export More Than 1,000 Rows from Google Search Console Using API

This guide shows you how to export data for a detailed strategic analysis. It's recommended to export your site's data once a year for a full view of its performance.

Note: Data is only available for export for the last 16 months. You should export and back up your data annually for future strategy planning.

Important Considerations

  • Unindexed Pages: This guide does not cover data regarding pages not indexed by Google. Such pages do not appear in search results, and unfortunately, the Performance Report API does not provide details related to indexing issues. For issues related to unindexed pages, other tools and reports should be considered.

To retrieve more than 1,000 rows from the Google Search Console interface via the API, follow these steps:

Step1: Install Extension

Begin by installing the Google Search Console API extension for your browser.

🏂pageHow to Install

Step2: Setup & Enable Google Search Console API:

🥳pageHow to Get a Google JSON Key

Step 3: Open Extension & Click "Search Analytics" Menu

Launch the newly installed extension.

Inside the extension, look for and select the "Search Analytics" option.

Step 4: Select Your Site and Filters

  • Choose the site you wish to analyze.

  • Apply any filters as needed to refine your data search.

Step 5: Overview Information and Export CSV

  • Once configured, you will see an overview of your search analytics.

  • Use the option provided to Export CSV to download all the data you need.

Now, with the data exported, you can conduct a comprehensive analysis beyond the 1,000 rows limit directly from the Google Search Console interface.

For a more detailed guide, you can refer to this blog post: How to Export More Than 1,000 Rows from Google Search Console Interface.


Q: Can I export more than 1,000 rows of data from Google Search Console?

A: Yes, you can export more than 1,000 rows by using the API method or refer to our detailed guide on How to Export More Than 1,000 Rows from Google Search Console Interface.

Q: Is it necessary to have technical skills to export data using the API?

A: While having some technical background helps, our guide provides step-by-step instructions that make the process accessible even for those with minimal technical experience.

Q: What are the benefits of exporting data manually from Google Search Console?

A: Exporting data manually allows for a more comprehensive analysis by bypassing the 1,000 rows limit, facilitating a deeper dive into your website's search data.

Q: How often should I export data from Google Search Console?

A: The frequency depends on your specific needs and how often your website's search data changes. A monthly or quarterly export is common practice for ongoing analysis.

Q: Can exporting data affect my website's performance on Google Search?

A: No, exporting data from Google Search Console does not impact your website's performance in Google Search. It is purely an analytical process to aid in your site's SEO strategy.

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