📚How to Export Clap and Comment Counts from Medium Articles

Exporting clap and comment counts from Medium articles is essential for tracking engagement and performance. This guide will show you how to efficiently extract these metrics, helping you gain valuable insights into your content's impact.

To export clap and comment counts from Medium articles, follow these steps:

Install MediumStats.com Chrome Extension

How to use MediumStats.com Chrome Extension

Go to Medium.com or the specific author's page whose data you want to collect. The extension will begin collecting clap and comment counts automatically.

Click the MediumStats.com icon in your browser toolbar to open the extension. From the menu, select Posts to view a comprehensive list of all your Medium posts. The extension will automatically display detailed analytics for each post, including the total number of claps and comments. This way, you can easily track the performance of your content over time.

Now you can search, filter by authors, tags, and export all the number of claps, comments, and other engagement metrics into a CSV file for further analysis.

Enjoy 🎉

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