📙Multiple Service Accounts

Managing Multiple Service Accounts

To manage multiple service accounts for bulk URL indexing or inspection links, follow these steps:

  1. Open the "GSCTool" Chrome extension's settings (make sure the extension is already installed; if not, proceed to install the Chrome extension).

🏂pageHow to Install
  1. Navigate to the Indexing menu.

  2. Click on Manage Google Service Accounts.

  3. Select Add and upload your Google JSON key.

Now, you can easily switch between service accounts as needed.


Q: How do I open the GSCTool Chrome extension? A: You can access the GSCTool Chrome extension by clicking on its icon in the Chrome toolbar. If it's not visible, click on the puzzle piece icon to find it in your list of extensions.

Q: What is the purpose of managing Google Service Accounts in GSCTool? A: Managing Google Service Accounts allows you to easily switch between different service accounts. This is useful for accessing specific Google Services tied to different projects or permissions without having to log out and back in with different credentials.

Q: How do I add a new Google JSON key in the GSCTool? A: To add a new Google JSON key in GSCTool, navigate to the Indexing menu, click on 'Manage Google Service Accounts', select 'Add', and upload the Google JSON key you wish to add.

Q: Can I use multiple Google Service Accounts simultaneously with the GSCTool? A: While you can store multiple Google Service Accounts in the GSCTool, you can only actively use one at a time. However, switching between them is made easy with the manage accounts feature.

Q: Is my data secure with the GSCTool Chrome extension?

A: Yes, your data is secure. All data is stored locally on your machine. We do not store any sensitive data or credentials.

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