🛠️Full Width Console View

View Google Search Console at Full Width

No more scrolling to the right to see the full width of the Google Search Console. Follow these steps to enjoy a full-width view:

  1. Install Chrome extension: Navigate to GSCTool.com Extension and install the extension.

🏂pageHow to Install
  1. Activate Full Width Option: After installation, click open the extension.

  1. Toggle Full Width: Select the "Full Width" option to activate it.

  2. See the Difference: Navigate to either "Performance" or "Overview" in Google Search Console to observe the full-width view.

Before Full Width for Google Search Console

After Full Width for Google Search Console


Q: What is the Full Width update for Google Search Console? A: The Full Width update refers to a change in the Google Search Console layout, where the main content area is expanded to use the full width of the web browser window, enhancing readability and providing more room for data visualization.

Q: How can I enable the Full Width view in Google Search Console? A: As of the last update, this feature is automatically applied to all Google Search Console accounts, so you don't need to manually enable it.

Q: Will the Full Width update affect my data or only the visualization? A: The update is purely cosmetic, aimed at improving the user interface and experience. It does not affect the actual data or its accuracy within Google Search Console.

Q: Can I revert back to the old layout if I prefer it? A: Yes, you can revert to the old layout by disabling the option in the settings.

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